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We draw up the accounts for small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs following the SNC (Accounting Standards System) and community standards.

Thus, all information is developed based on the client’s activity and size.

  • Document handling
  • Sealed books
  • Classification
  • Completion of tax returns
  • Periodic trial balances
  • VAT
  • Balance sheets
  • IRS – Tax Return
  • Income statements, final and provisional
  • IRC / Modelo 22
  • IES – Simplified Business Information
  • Financial statements

We provide tax advice to companies and individuals.

We continuously help and advise our clients on tax legislation changes and how to comply with tax legislation, tax planning and how to reduce and optimise their tax bills.

We help companies in all aspects of payroll processing and labour legislation.

We can register new employers with the Social Security authorities and explain how the Portuguese labour law works for each type of company and how taxes on wages (“Retention at source”) and Social Security contributions are calculated.

We offer guidance and recommendations on employers additional requirements on matters such as Health and Safety, Employers Insurance and food handlers licences, for example.

We advise and prepare for clients payslips, Social Security payment slip, withholding tax payment slip, workers’ compensation fund (FGT and FGCT) slip, sick pay and redundancy pay calculations.

We offer ongoing support to help minimise wage costs, update employers on legislation changes, and answer questions on workers’ rights such as holiday entitlement and sick pay; part-time working; temporary and permanent contracts; maternity and paternity leave; overtime and bank holiday working and so on.

We provide advice and assistance with all the formalities for setting up a new business.

We can advise you on the best structure for your new business, as an entrepreneur or as a company:

  • Which structure is suitable for your situation;
  • And which will be cheaper to start up and run.

We help with company formation, company and self-employed registration with the Tax Authority (AT) and Social Security (SS). We also help with company changes, the buying and selling of companies, and companies’ cancellation and liquidation.

We can also offer help and guidance with other administrative matters, such as premises licences, tourism licences and trademarks. Your solicitor must check the suitability of any premises before signing a lease or purchase agreement to make sure you can use them for the business you have in mind.

You may also need to consider requirements such as registrations for estate agencies or the application of new data protection and Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing laws.

The issues you face in organising your business.

  • Do you need to discuss your company’s problems?
  • You want to decide, but you are not sure if you’re making the right decision?
  • Do you want to modernise the management of your company?

At Reis & Reis, we can assist and guide you in the organisation issues.

Non-resident citizens in Portugal, as long as they are subject to tax relations in the country, are obliged to appoint a fiscal representative.

Reis & Reis provides fiscal representation services to non-residents. The fiscal representative’s function is to be legally and fiscally responsible for:

  • Receiving the fees and taxes due from the client;
  • Fulfilling the declarative obligations, ensuring the fulfilment within the legal deadlines;
  • Informing the client about all tax obligations, deadlines and any tax offences;
  • Has also the right to comply with the client’s tax obligations and to claim, challenge or appeal, if necessary.

We help entrepreneurs to comply with the main fiscal obligations regarding the Local Lodging activity, namely.

  • Obtaining the AL license;
  • Issuing invoices in a certified program;
  • Communicate to the tax authorities (by sending SAF-T), until the 12th day of each month, the invoices issued in the previous month;
  • Submit the periodic VAT declaration (if not exempt). If exempt, check if you have invoices with reverse charge, and submit the respective VAT in the following month.
  • Submit Model 30 (Income paid to non-residents) until the second month after the payment of the income (Commissions or Services Rendered)
  • Apply for Model RFI21 of the entities to which you make payments (example: Booking, AIRBNB and others); you should withhold 25% if you do not have in your possession the Model RFI21 of the entities to which you make payments;
  • Submission of the annual income declaration – IRS (Individuals) or IRC (Companies).

We assist in the process of obtaining the Non-Habitual Resident status (NHR). The Investment Tax Code, approved by Decree-Law 249/2009of 23 September, created the tax regime for the non-habitual resident in terms of Personal Income Tax (IRS), intending to attract to Portugal qualified non-resident professionals in high added-value activities or intellectual, industrial property or know-how, as well as beneficiaries of pensions obtained abroad.


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