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Requesting the IMI (Municipal Tax) Revision

Did you know that there is a possibility to request a review of your IMI? This may result in a lower amount to pay.

What is the IMI?

The Municipal Tax, or IMI, is a tax applied on the Taxable Asset Value (Valor Patrimoniál Tributário) of rural and urban buildings located in Portugal. The payment of IMI can be made in up to 3 different months, depending on the amount to be paid. You can find more information about the value ranges in our dedicated article.

Who is subject to the payment of IMI?

The payment of IMI is the responsibility of the owner of a property that meets the conditions mentioned above. According to the IMI code, the owner is the person who owns the property on December 31 of the year to which it relates to.

Exemptions from paying IMI

Taxpayers are exempt from IMI as long as the household’s total gross income does not exceed 2.3 times the annual value of the IAS for the year in question. Aside from that, the total tax value of all the urban and rural buildings belonging to the household does not exceed 10 times the annual value of the IAS (Social Support Index).


Requesting the revision

The IMI revision involves the revaluation of the Taxable Asset Value. This means that the base value of the property will be re-examined. It is important to bear in mind that if you have carried out home improvement works, if the housing area has undergone improvement works (e.g. construction of new infrastructure or improvement of accesses) or if it has become highly valued on the real estate market, you will most likely have to pay more IMI.

Before requesting an IMI revision, take these factors into account. It is advisable that you make a simulation before making the request, so you can find out beforehand if the amount you will pay will be lower or higher than the actual one. However, this request can only be made once every three years.

How to request the revision?

Finally, the IMI revision can be requested by filling in a declaration for that purpose.

If you wish to obtain more information, please contact us.