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Profitability is an essential condition for fulfilling our areas of responsibility and the continuation of the business. It is a measure of efficiency and the value attributed by clients to Reis & Reis’s services.

It is also essential for an adequate allocation of the company’s resources and necessary to support the continuous investment, indispensable to developing services capable of satisfying the client’s needs.

Without profits and a sound financial structure, it would not be possible to fulfil the responsibilities described above. 

Statement of General Business Principles

This document reaffirms the general business principles which should guide Reis & Reis’ activities.

Reis & Reis is a new and decentralised company, with activities with a degree of freedom of action. However, the reputation of Reis & Reis is a common principle. Preserving the reputation of Reis & Reis is of fundamental importance. We are judged by how we act. Our reputation is protected if we act with honesty and integrity in all our activities. On all occasions, we do what we think is right within the business’s legitimate function.

Reis & Reis’ core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. It firmly believes in the fundamental importance of promoting trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what it does.

The values underlying our Company status determine our principles, which apply to all transactions, regardless of their size, and describe the behaviour expected of all employees in the conduct of their professionalism.

In turn, applying these principles at Reis & Reis is supported by procedures designed to ensure that employees understand the principles and act by them. We recognise that it is vital that our behaviour is by our intentions.

All the elements of this structure, that is, the values, the principles and the respective procedures, are necessary.

Reis & Reis recognises that the company’s continued growth and success must keep the trust of its employees, customers and other people with whom it has commercial relations, as well as of the communities where it develops its activities.

We intend to deserve this trust, acting according to the standards established in our principles. These principles have guided Reis & Reis since its beginning. It is the responsibility of all management levels to ensure that all employees know these principles and behaves by the spirit and letter of this statement.

Reis & Reis aims to develop managing companies, audits and other selected businesses in an efficient, responsible and profitable way.

Reis & Reis seeks to achieve high-performance standards and to maintain, in the long term, a competitive position in the market in which it operates.

Reis & Reis recognises the existence of five main areas of responsibility:

  • To partners – Protecting the investment of its partners and ensuring adequate levels of profitability.
  • To the customers – Getting and keeping the customers’ support through the development and provision of services with added value in price, quality, and safety, supported by adequate technical, commercial, and environmental expertise.
  • Towards employees – Respecting the human rights of its employees; providing them with good and safe working conditions, as well as adequate and competitive contractual terms and conditions; promoting the development and best use of human potential and equal employment opportunities; encouraging the involvement of employees in the planning and guidance of their own work and the application of these principles within the company. It is recognised that business success depends on the full contribution of all employees.
  • To those with whom it does business seeking a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers and in joint ventures, and in doing so, to promote the application of these principles. The ability to effectively promote these principles will be an important factor in entering into or remaining in such a relationship.
  • To society – Conducting business as integral and responsible members of society, respecting prevailing legislation, expressing support for fundamental human rights, in line with the legitimate function of the business, and paying due attention to health, safety and environmental protection standards, in line with its commitment to contribute to sustainable development.

These five areas of responsibility are understood to be inseparable. Therefore, it is the duty of the various employees to continuously assess the priorities and fulfil their responsibilities as well as their judgment allows.

Profitability is an essential condition for the fulfilment of these responsibilities and the continuation of the business. It measures both efficiency and the value attributed by customers to Reis & Reis’ services.

It is also essential for an adequate allocation of the company’s resources and necessary to support continuous investment, indispensable to the development of services capable of meeting the customer’s needs.

Without profits and a sound financial structure, it would not be possible to fulfil the responsibilities described above.

Reis & Reis insists on the adoption of principles of honesty, integrity and justice in all aspects of its business and expects the same in its relationship with all those with whom it has commercial relations.

The offer, payment, solicitation or receipt, directly or indirectly, of any form of bribery are unacceptable practices. Employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private activities and their participation in conducting the company’s business.

All transactions on behalf of Carlos Reis & Reis must be accurately and honestly reflected in the company’s accounts, in accordance with established procedures, and subject to audits.


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