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Local Lodging Obligations – SEF Communications

Amongst the various obligations inherent to the Local Lodging (AL) activity, there is also the obligation to communicate the stays of clients coming from outside Portugal. This can be done by sending the SEF Accommodation Bulletins.

This obligation applies to companies operating hotel establishments, and complementary means of tourist accommodation, as well as to all those who provide, accommodation to foreign citizens.

In order to comply with this obligation, the communication must be made directly through the SEF (Foreigners and Borders Service) website intended for this purpose. Regarding the deadline for the delivery of the Accommodation Slips, this “is counted in 3 full days from the date of accommodation or respective departure, regardless of the time at which the registration was made.”

A fundamental aspect to bear in mind is that the Accommodation Bulletin must contain the information of all the guests and not only of the guest who made the booking.

Failure to report accommodation is punishable, according to Article 203.º, with the following fines:

  • from 100 to 500 euros: from 1 to 10 bulletins or citizens whose registration is omitted
  • from € 200 to € 900: from 11 to 50 slips or citizens whose registration is omitted
  • from € 400 to € 2000: in case of failure to send the bulletins or omission of registration of more than 51 citizens

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