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17 Years of Experience in Business Management

Reis&Reis has a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals with specific accounting, taxation, payroll, and finance training.Reis&Reis’ professionals constantly seek to bring added value to its clients, either in the performance of accounting tasks
or in the continuous detection of financial and operational improvement opportunities, which may lead to cost reduction in companies.


1. Experience

We draw up the accounts for small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs following the SNC (Accounting Standards System) and community standards.

2. Objectives

We provide tax advice to businesses and individuals.

We continuously help and advise our clients on tax legislation changes and how to comply with tax legislation, tax planning…

3. Focus

We help companies with all aspects of payroll and employment law.

We can register new employers with the social security authorities and explain how it works…

About us

Reis & Reis is a decentralised company with activities with a degree of freedom of action. However, the reputation of Reis & Reis is a common principle.

Preserving the reputation of Reis & Reis is of fundamental importance. We are judged by how we act.

Our reputation is protected if we act with honesty and integrity in all our activities. On all occasions…



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