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Failed to Submit the 2021 Tax Return on Time? Be Careful About the Fines.

The deadline for filing the IRS 2021 tax return started on 1 April and ended on 30 June. If you were not able to complete your return on time, find out the penalties you may be subject to.

Fines value

The amount of the fines can be influenced by several aspects, such as the time that has passed until the correction is made, the seriousness of the error and the taxpayer’s economic situation.

If the Tax Return declaration is filed within the first 30 days after the deadline, the minimum fine is 25€.

If you file the return at least 30 days after the deadline you will have to pay a minimum fine of 37.5€, which can reach up to 112.5€ if an inspection by the tax authorities has already begun at the time of the regularisation.

However, please note that these amounts can be much higher if the Tax Authorities find errors or omissions in the declaration. In these circumstances, the fine may range from 375€ to 22,500€, as stipulated in Article 119 of the RGIT.

Submit your 2021 Tax Return declaration as soon as possible!

As you can see, the more you delay filing the 2021 Tax Return, the higher the fine you will have to pay, so the best thing to do is to file your tax return as soon as possible!

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