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Reis & Reis is a decentralised company with activities with a degree of freedom of action. However, the reputation of Reis & Reis is a common principle.

Preserving the reputation of Reis & Reis is of fundamental importance. We are judged by how we act.

Our reputation is protected if we act with honesty and integrity in all our activities. On all occasions, we do what we think is right within the business’s legitimate function.

Reis & Reis’ core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. It firmly believes in the fundamental importance of promoting trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what it does.

The values underlying our Company status determine our principles, which apply to all transactions, regardless of their size, and describe the behaviour expected of all employees in the conduct of their professionalism.

In turn, applying these principles at Reis & Reis is underpinned by procedures designed to ensure that employees understand the principles and act under them. We recognise that it is vital that our behaviour is by our intentions.

All the elements of this structure, that is, the values, the principles and the respective procedures, are necessary.

Reis & Reis recognises that the company’s continued growth and success must keep the trust of its employees, customers and other people with whom it has commercial relations, as well as of the communities where it develops its activities.

We intend to deserve this trust, acting according to the standards established in our principles. These principles have guided Reis & Reis since its beginning. It is the responsibility of all management levels to ensure that all employees know these principles and behaves by the spirit and letter of this statement.



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